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Meeting minutes since Oct 2000

** Updated to most recent meeting **

Feb 2019

2019 Reunion

Reunion: September 13-15, 2019

Aug 2017

Contact address for Fred T May

email changed in August 2017

Mar 2017

2017 Reunion

Reunion: September 8-10, 2017

Mar 2016

2016 Reunion CANCELLED

Next Reunion in September 2017

Nov 2015

1893 Chicago Exposition

Col. Reuben May memento

Jan 2015

The Shoemaker's Children
....opens a large (102 MB) PDF file

Eight Generations of the May Family
by Fred T. May
Posted by LDS History Center in Salt Lake, UT

Feb 2014

2014 Reunion

Prestonsburg, KY Sep. 12-14, 2014

Sep 2013

Living History Museum

Link to Civil War Discovery Trail

Sep 2012

2012 Reunion Report

Held in Prestonsburg, KY

Jun 2012

Remlap Methodist Cemetery

James and Elizabeth May Little family graves

Feb 2012

Board Resolution

Gift from William G. Davidson

Jan 2012

2012 May Family Reunion


Dec 2011

2010 Reunion Report

Final report on our previous reunion

May 2011

John May Historical Marker

Dedicated on May 14, 2011

May 2011

Robert Perry's geocities website

Restored by Oocities.org

Apr 2011

John May Historical Marker

Dedication ceremony planned

Dec 2010

Eastern Kentucky Artifacts

1986 article on Newt May

Nov 2010

John May Historical Marker

Support at the 2010 May reunion

Aug 2010

2010 May Reunion Photo

May Lodge, Jenny Wiley State Park

Aug 2010

Col. Reuben May War Record

Filed by him on Aug 21, 1901

Jul 2010

Maytown Memories

Book by Shirley Salisbury Stewart

Mar 2010

Notice: 2010 May Family Reunion

Aug 27-29 in Prestonsburg, Kentucky

Dec 2009

Robert Perry's geocities website

Removed and no longer available

Nov 2009

John May Hamilton

CSA reinterment after 145 years

Sep 2009

Samuel May [1820-1904]

New family photos added

Jul 2009

Copy of original Prestonsburg plat

New window on an ancestry.com posting

Jul 2009

New W.J. May gravestone

Placed in May Cemetery, Prestonsburg, KY

Jun 2009

Boone May & Galen Hill

Composite photo from the 1870s

May 2009

More about Daniel Boone May

By Edgar Beecher Bronson in 1910

Apr 2009

1820 Johns Creek families

Two pages of the 1820 Floyd Co. Census

Apr 2009

First train in Prestonsburg

Photo: Nov. 15, 1904

Apr 2009

Amanda Fitzellen May 1824-1901

Photos of her & James Henry Layne

Apr 2009

Early Johns Creek Map

Map drawn by Rev. Marion T. Burris

Apr 2009

Battle of Ivy Bridge

A poem by Peyton B. Burne

Mar 2009

Thomas May Little family

Photo album being constructed

Mar 2009

Carus Cemetery family gravestones

Families of Thomas W & Jeptha May

Mar 2009

Isaac Little Estate - 1824

Father of James W. Little

Jan 2009

Biographical notes:
John May, Jr. family

Samuel, Elizabeth, John III
Cornelius, Thomas Waldo, Mary, Rebecca
Nancy, Jeptha, Alfred, Catherine
Lafayette, Jane, Andrew Jackson

Dec 2008

New Index being constructed

Quick reference to topics of interest

Nov 2008

Old May Millstones

Stones from the Mill at Maytown located

Oct 2008

2008 Family Reunion: Sep 19-21

 Report being written

Jul 2008

Update on John May Jr. family

 Family of Jeptha May

Mar 2008

Thomas May hunting pouch

More photos added to those of 2005

Mar 2008

Osborn Born, May DNA
Flanary Family

Books by Don Osborn

May Family Photo Album Gravestone index

Descendants of John & Sarah May

Nov 2007

Spellings of the May family name

Mey Meÿ Meij - May Maÿ Maij

Nov 2007

On the Oregon Trail

May family traveled to Oregon in 1847

Nov 2007

John May Jr. family

May family photos. under construction

Nov 2007

Gravestone in Auburn, NE

Elias & Mary May Harman

Nov 2007

Gravestone in Cynthiana, KY

David May in Confederate cemetery

Aug 2007

Gravestone placed

Reuben & Sarah Allen May stone
           map to the grave site

Aug 2007

Lesley-Leslie book

Reprinted edition now available

Jun 2007

Gravestones placed

Thomas & Dorcas Patton May stones
          map to the grave sites

Jan 2007

Gravestone Projects

 Master index for family gravestones

4Q 2006

2006 May Reunion

Latest update: January 2007

Nov 2006

Coeburn, VA Cemetery

Grave of John May [1821-1908]

Nov 2006

Thomas May Sr's watch

A gold watch and chain

Nov 2006

Military sash of Reuben May

He was a Colonel in the Union Army

Nov 2006

Hymn Book of Thomas P. May

A Methodist minister at Snivley Chapel

Nov 2006

Snivley Chapel

Lower Johns Creek, Pike Co, KY

Oct 2006

Tress May Book now on CD
    plus Notes on her manuscript

The first comprehensive book on our May Genealogy 1776-1956

Sep 2006

2006 May Reunion

September 15-17, 2006
New brochures, displays & booklets about the May family are being prepared for the reunion.

July 2006

Hamilton-Cantrell Genealogy

A few copies of a book on the descendants of John Hamilton and Mary May is available from the author.

May 2006

Obituary of Dr. David V. Agricola

Genealogist of the Patton family

Mar 2006

Reuben May family photos
Composite of family photos
*** John May Photos Index

George | William | Daniel | John | Andrew
Cynthia | Polly | Samuel | Sarah | Reuben Ann

Mar 2006

Samuel May family photos 
Composite of family photos
*** John May Photos Index

Thomas | John | Elizabeth | Catherine | Samuel Sarah | Mahala | Louvina | Amanda | Charlotte Lucretia | Andrew | George | Daniel

Mar 2006

Bible of Christina F. May

Daughter of Henry May [1824-1903]

Feb 2006

Prestonsburg College Campus

Located on the original Samuel May farm

Feb 2006

Homer Eiler

Early genealogist of the May family

Feb 2006

Records of Thomas May [b. 1853]

He was a favorite grandson of Thomas May, Sr.

Feb 2006

Scott-Marrs family Bible

Andrew J. Scott & Dorcas O. Marrs

Jan 2006

New Floyd County Book

1821-1835 Court Records

Dec 2005

Thomas May, Sr.'s caplock rifle

Rifle, powder horn, leather pouch, etc.

Dec 2005

David May [b.1828] family records

Portrait and Bible of David May & his wife

Dec 2005

FOUND: A family Bible

Family of Samuel Hornberger & Sarah A. May,
a descendant of Johann Leonhardt Mey.

Nov 2005

1. Kentucky's Civil War 1861-1865 2. I Rode With Morgan
3. On The Trail of General John Hunt Morgan's Indiana-Ohio Raid
4. Basil Wilson Duke, CSA

Four new books now available for sale by
Friends of the Samuel May House,

Sep 2005

Samuel May Family Photos
     Composite of family photos

Samuel May descendants
Completed March 2006
Thomas | John | Elizabeth | Catherine | Samuel Sarah | Mahala | Louvina | Amanda | Charlotte Lucretia | Andrew | George | Daniel


Thomas May Family Photos
                Will of Thomas May
*** John May Photos Index

Thomas May descendants
Reuben | Thomas P. | CynthiaWilliam James Samuel | John | Sarah | Henry | Harvey
Dorcas | David | Mary

Aug 2005

Obituary of Charles C. Wells

Eastern Kentucky Historian

Aug 2005

Viroqua, WI Veterans Monument

Reuben May & other family members named

Aug 2005

Reuben May family gravestone

Stone restored in Springville, WI

Aug 2005

Historical Marker
** Story behind its wording

Placed at the Samuel May House in 1998

Jul 2005

Daniel Boone May

Western adventurer

Jul 2005

Samuel May [1816- aft.1860]

Son of Samuel May [1783-1851]

Jul 2005

1913 Big Sandy Valley Maps

Kentucky Geological Survey: more to post

Jul 2005

Pikeville Masonic Lodge - 1860

Sons of Thomas May were charter members

Jun 2005

Family Tree updates
*  Johannes (John Andrew) May
*  Johann Daniel May
**  John L. May

Johann Leonhardt Meÿ family branch

Apr 2005

2005 Memberhip Drive

Help support the orgainzation


Thomas May Family Photos
*** John May Photos Index

Thomas May descendants - More posted in 3Q
     Reuben | Thomas P. | Cynthia
         William James | Samuel

Mar 2005

Talk on Col. Reuben May

Presented to Vernon Co. WI Historical Soc.

Mar 2005

Patterns of Wolfpen

A 1934 book based on the Leslie family of Pike County, KY.

Mar 2005

More books available

10th KY Cavalry, CSA & The Hatfields

Feb 2005

FOUND: Michael May

The youngest child of Leonhardt Meÿ

Nov 2004

2004 Reunion Update

More stories & photos posted

Nov 2004

82nd Campbell Reunion

May ancestors lived in the Samuel May House

Nov 2004

Update on available books

CD on May villages in Germany added

Oct 2004

9th May Generation

Beginning new essays

Oct 2004

Graham Antique on display

Antique Spinning Wheel, over 200 years old

Oct 2004

Sewing Machine on display

1889 Singer Sewing Machine donated

Sep 2004

2004 May Reunion

Prestonsburg, KY: Sep 10-12-2004

Sep 2004

Reuben May Chapel

A 1992 article from History of Floyd County, KY

Sep 2004

Old May Mill

A 1940 article on a mill at Maytown

Sep 2004

Tallent brothers

Star basketball players from Maytown

July 2004


Book on the Life of Col. Reuben May

July 2004

1890 May Reunion

Cols. Jack & Reuben meet in Wisconsin

June 2004

10th Kentucky Cavalry, CSA

Reprint of book available

May 2004

May Family Photos

Begin a new album of photos

May 2004

 INVITATION: 2004 Reunion

Agenda set for Sept. 10-12, 2004

Apr 2004

The Life of Reuben May

A new book of the May family




Dec 2003

INVITATION: 2004 Reunion

First notice for meeting: Sept. 10-12, 2004

Dec 2003

John May Gravestone in place

Final report with photos

Dec 2003

D.A.R. Marker

Placed on John May's grave in 1982

Nov 2003

John May in Rev. War

Volunteering & battles

Nov 2003

D.A.R. Essay

German Patriots in the Revolutionary War

Nov 2003

Hurt Family Bible

Families of Thomas Sr. & Thomas P. May

Jul 2003

Dr. Robert Perry

Floyd County Times articles on his death

Jun 2003

Col. Reuben May

Update of his family tree

May 2003

Gravestone Update

Report on stone for John & Sarah May

May 2003

Eastern Kentucky Books

From Samuel May House & Others

Apr 2003

Photo Fair

At Samuel May House 5/17/03

Apr 2003

Leonard May 1719-1777

Index to essays

Apr 2003

Leonard May

A Waggoner in 1759

Feb 2003

Caleb May

Another pioneer of Floyd County

Jan 2003

Old Christmas

Featured in Floyd County Times

Jan 2003

German cousins

Descendants of Johannes May [1730-1800]

Jan 2003

Early Eastern Kentucky Maps

From The Shoemaker's Children

Jan 2003

Book list updated

Limited availablility of Floyd Co. pictorial books




Nov 2002

Biographical Sketches

Essays on the Eighth May generation

Oct 2002

2002 May Reunion

Weekend of Sept. 13-15, 2002

Sep 2002

Book list updated

Seven more books on Eastern Kentucky


No postings

Wrote biographical sketches on the families of John May's children

Feb 2002

Eastern Kentucky books

A list of more books of interest

Jan 2002

2002 May Reunion - scheduled

Prestonsburg, KY




Dec 2001


Restoring damaged files.

Oct 2001

Thomas May [1787-1867] family

Photos of seven sons and a daughter

Oct 2001

John & Sarah May gravestones

With Revolutionary War memorial

Oct 2001

Lahm/Lamb family

Ancestors of Darlene Fleming (May)

Oct 2001

Photo album of the Nahe

Photos from a 2001 visit to villages in Germany

Sep 2001

Donors List

Donors to The Samuel May House

Aug 2001

Annual Open House

Plus a tribute to Private Amos Reed of the 64th Virginia Infantry, C.S.A.

Aug 2001

Book list updated

Books of interest on Eastern Kentucky

Jun 2001

Battle of Middle Creek

LINK: Preservation of battle site

May 2001

Kentucky's Last Frontier

Reprinted book by Henry P. Scalf

May 2001

Col. Reuben May

Link to page on Col. Reuben May

May 2001

Ivy Mountain monument

Link to page on battle led by Col. A. J. May

Apr 2001

More family tree postings

Adding to the Mary May (1797-1868) branch.

Mar 2001

Photos with family trees

Adding photos on some tree pages




Dec 2000

Henry Scalf Display Case    

Donated by the Scalf family

Dec 2000

T. R. Worsham Honored    

Color Guard at May Cemetery gravesite

Nov 2000

Board of Trustees Minutes

To be posted each month

Sep 2000

May Family Tree

Posting 12 generations of the May Family Tree

Sep 2000

Last record of Samuel May

He and his son, Thomas, in the 1850 CA Census

Sep 2000

May Family Reunion - 2000

The most recent reunion was held in August.
Plans for next reunion in 2002.

Sep 2000

May Family Reunions

Reunions of the May family from 1929 to 1941

Jun 2000

New Book On Floyd County

A Pictorial History of Floyd County, Kentucky




Family Books & Essays


 The Shoemaker's Children

A book about the first eight generations
(1567-1813) of the May family that entered the
Big Sandy Valley in 1800.

 I Will Uphold The Flag

The Life of Col. Reuben May [1815-1902]


 May/Meÿ Ancestors

1996 discovery of ancestors from Germany


 May Family Tree

12 generations of the family


 Nahe Valley Photos

Home villages of the May/Meÿ family


 Jack May's War

A book on a son of Samuel May


 Oldest House in the Valley

A booklet on the Samuel May House


 Children of John & Sarah May

Essays on the Eighth May Generation


 Col. Reuben May

Essay on a son of Thomas May


 Last record of Samuel May

1850 California Census


 Thomas May Family

Photos of seven sons and a daughter


 May House Photo Archives

Compiled by Dr. Robert Perry


 Leonard May

Essays on John May's uncle





        More books

From The Samuel May House



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