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 Henry P. Scalf Memorial Display Case

The case, built of walnut with a framed plexiglass cover, is placed it in the north parlor of the Samuel May House.

Henry P. "Buck" Scalf (1902-1979)
Dedicated teacher, author, editor, reporter and local historian

We would like to thank Brenda Scalf Wells of Coral Springs, Florida for donating the money to build the case. Brenda's brothers, Wallace and Devon Scalf, have agreed to loan us some items to display in the case. These include a cut-glass water pitcher once used by Colonel Garfield, a set of loaded dice used by Bad John Hall, and Hall's Winchester revolver. We are also negotiating with Pikeville College to obtain Jenny Wiley's eyeglasses for display in the case. The eyeglasses are part of the Henry Scalf Collection, which is kept in the Allara Library at Pikeville College.

Donated in 2000