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      Spinning Wheel once owned by
          Rebecca Witten Graham
             on display at the
           Samuel May House
    Visitors to the Samuel May House admire an antique
   spinning wheel dating back 200 years in Floyd County.
                - placed on loan from Cliff Latta -
                         September 2004

When John Graham* brought his family to live in newly founded Floyd County in 1805, his young wife, Rebecca Witten, brought her Spinning Wheel along. When his estate was appraised in 1836, "one old Spinning Wheel" was listed in the inventory. Rebecca lived until 1843 and passed it on to her daughter, Rebecca Graham Mayo. This tradition was continued in the family with the spinning wheel passing to succeeding generations of daughters.
Throughout the years these six women have owned the Spinning Wheel:
  • Rebecca Witten Graham [1775-1843]
  • Rebecca Graham Mayo [1806-1898]
  • Susan Charlotte Mayo Porter [1832-1919]
  • Anna Porter Mayo [1857-1944]
  • Julia Grace Mayo May [1878-1942]
  • Olga May Latta [1902-1982]
The Spinning Wheel has been in the possession of Olga's son, Cliff Latta**, for more than twenty years.

*More about John Graham and his family at:
** Cliff Latta is a great-great-grandson of Reuben May [1800-1840], brother of Samuel May who built the Samuel May House in 1817.
Essays on all of the children of John May [1760-1813], a pioneer of Floyd County, are at: