Garland Hurt
Family Bible
Gulnare, Pike Co., KY

The Bible of the family of Garland Hurt was given to him and his wife Laura by his grandfather, Thomas Patton May, in the 1890s. Recorded in the pages of this family heirloom are birth, marriage and death records of his family, the family of his grandfather [Thomas Patton May], and the family of his great grandfather [Thomas May, Sr].

David Hurt, a grandson of Garland Hurt, has provided copies of pages from the Bible for genealogists researching this branch of the May family.

May Ancestors of Garland Hurt
Garland was born into the 11th generation of the May family.
Bible Title Page
Published in 1891

Family Records in the Bible:
Thomas May and Dorcas Patton May
This record and the will of Thomas May, Sr. document the names of Thomas' children.
Thomas Patton May and Elizabeth Margery Lesley May
     The Lesley/Leslie ancestors were the first settlers in present-day Pike County, KY.
Thurston D. Hurt and Sarah Lesley Hurt
Sarah died 18 days after Garland, her only child, was born.
Garland Hurt and Laura R. Fraley Hurt
     Garland was reared in the home of his grandfather, Thomas P. May.

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