Photo Album - 2001
- Villages of the Nahe River Valley -
Niederhausen, Alsenz & Meisenheim,
where the Meÿ/May family lived
Also see, Map of the region

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Niederhausen - where Johann Nickel May's family lived until 1748

 View from the vineyards

Homes in Niederhausen 

Evangelische Kirche

Jakob Schneider Winegut | more

The May family in Niederhausen

Alsenz - where Judge Johannes May's family lived since 1665



View and map of the village

Museum for local stone workers

Historic city hall and church

The May family in Alsenz

 Village Map

 Meisenheim - where the first four generations of the May family worshiped




 Landmarks of Meisenheim

 Churches in the Altstadt

 Homes in the Altstadt

 Map of the Altstadt

The May family in Meisenheim

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