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Robert L. Perry, Ph.D.

Table of Contents

  • Forward by Robert Rennick
  • Chapter One: The Mays of Shelby Creek
  • Chapter Two: Samuel May in Early Prestonsburg
  • Chapter Three: Building the May House
  • Chapter Four: Samuel Survives the Panic of 1819
  • Chapter Five: A High-Spirited, Fun-Loving Group
  • Chapter Six: Senator May and the Pound Gap Road
  • Chapter Seven: Blasted Hopes: The Depression of 1837-42
  • Epilogue: Ballad For A Forty-Niner
  • © 1997 Robert L. Perry

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    The Oldest House in the Valley, Robert Perry's book about Samuel May, the builder of the May House, is also available in book form. For information on how to obtain a copy CLICK HERE.