2017 May Family Reunion

May Lodge
Jenny Wiley State Park

Weekend of September 8-10, 2017

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Biographical Sketches of the Eighth May Generation
The family of John & Sarah Phillips May

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Last year we had to cancel the 2016 reunion due to extensive fire and smoke damage at the lodge. We are pleased to let you know that the lodge will reopen its conference rooms before Memorial Day, so it will be available for our meeting in September. Please make your reservations as soon as possible at May Lodge by calling 800-325-0142 and telling them you are with the May Reunion. A block of rooms and cabins will be held for reunion attendees until mid-August, but they are usually filled much sooner. More information on the lodge is posted at:


Other motels are also available in the area.

A room will be available throughout the weekend for guests to display memorabilia of their respective branches of the family line. Family trees, photos, deeds, quilts, needlework, essays, books, and various personal items have been shared and enjoyed by everyone at past reunions. We invite guests to also bring other collections and hobbies that they might like to display. We encourage you to bring any items you would like to share with the group. This has been a great feature of previous reunions!! Also, Marquita invites anyone that might like to bring a stringed instrument to play in the conference room for the enjoyment of our guests. Paula Dillard is planning to play on her dulcimer as she did in 2014.

There will be a table dedicated to the memory of family members who have passed away during the years since we renewed the May Reunion in 1996. A record book for each year has been prepared and includes a page for every family member of whose death we have knowledge. PLEASE send to me or bring to the reunion any photos, obituaries and biographical sketches that you would like to have included in these Memorial Records.

We look forward to seeing YOU.

Marquita Otis

381 Collins Road

Paris, KY 40361 email: MJSOtis@aol.com Ph: 859-987-6775

2017 May Family Reunion

May Lodge
Jenny Wiley State Park


Friday, Sept. 8

1:00-5:00 pm Registration in the lobby of May Lodge

6:00 pm Buffet Dinner in the Lodge Dining Room

7:00 pm First evening meeting in the first floor conference room

Display tables open for your enjoyment

Saturday, Sept. 9

Breakfast at your own pace

8:30-9:00 am Registration for new arrivals

9:30 am Tour at the Samuel May House

AfternoonTours of family cemeteries (details to be provided)

5:30 pm Group photo at May Lodge

6:00 pm Buffet Dinner in the Lodge Dining Room

7:00 pm Second evening meeting in the first floor conference room

Display tables open for your enjoyment

Sunday, Sept. 10

Breakfast at your own pace

Good-byes and Departures

Guest Speakers

The featured speakers at the reunion this year, Dixie Knight May and Patricia (Patty) Campbell, have been active for many years researching the family history. Their presentations will be about some of the descendants of Samuel May (1783-1851), builder of the Samuel May House in Prestonsburg.

Dixie is the widow of James Mitchell May (1936-2003), a great grandson of Col. Jack May, son of Samuel May. Dixie has worked on the May family history since the 1980s. She will speak on "The Life and Descendants of Col. Jack May, C.S.A."

Patty is a 4th great-granddaughter of Samuel May. She will make two presentations based on her two-volume book being published this year: "Deadwood in my Blood: Boone May, Gale Hill, Shotgun Messengers on the Deadwood Stage, and their Historic Families." Both volumes will be available at the reunion.

1. "The Life and Descendants of Galen Elliott Hill, Shotgun Messenger on the Deadwood Stage."

Galen Hill was a grandson of Samuel May.

2. "The Life of Boone May and his brothers Jim and Bill, Shotgun Messengers on the Deadwood Stage."

Boone, Jim and Bill May were grandsons of Samuel May.

Fred May will speak on Thomas May (1787-1867), the son of John and Sarah who remained on Shelby Creek and became the man of the house when John died in 1813. He will also be available to meet with any guests researching their May family line.