May Family Reunion

May Lodge
Jenny Wiley State Park

Prestonsburg, Kentucky
Weekend of September 10-12, 2004
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Biographical Sketches of the Eighth May Generation
The family of John & Sarah Phillips May

Fred T. May
Last updated Nov. 18, 2004


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Col. Reuben May

Samuel May House


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In September 2004, descendants of John and Sarah Phillips May journeyed from their homes in eight states to meet long-lost cousins and renew old friendships at May Lodge in Prestonsburg, KY. We had 72 attendees, including 50 direct May descendants, during the weekend events. Represented in the festivities were descendants of four of John and Sarah's eight children: Samuel, Thomas, Mary and Reuben. The descendants included those of Reuben (24), of Thomas (22), of Samuel (3) and of Mary (1).

Displays from the branches of the family represented during the weekend were the main attraction and a few photos of them are available in the photo album above. Other photos in the album provide a pictorial review of the people and events enjoyed by the attendees.

Everyone was very pleased at the success we had in purchasing and placing the grave stone at the graves of our Kentucky pioneer ancestors, John and Sarah Phillips May. We owe a lasting debt of gratitude to many individuals who contributed to the cost of the stone and especially to Eldon May for making all the arrangements and seeing that it was properly engraved and placed on the graves. Unfortunately, this year there wasn't a path through the weeds and briars on the hillside to permit access to the graves.

Master of Ceremonies: Marquita Otis

Friday Sept. 10:
3:00 - 6:00pm Registration at May Lodge
6:00 Buffet dinner

7:00 Greeting .... Marquita Otis
  Pledge of Allegience ... Gerald Ray May
  Invocation ... Eulas Hamilton
  New grave stone for John & Sarah May ... Eldon May
  Col Reuben May: Years in Kentucky ... Fred T. May
  1889 Sewing machine donated to the Samuel May House ... Sid Sutphin
  Family stories
  Sharing time and viewing the displays

Saturday Sept. 11:
10:00 Tour of the Samuel May House
Afternoon free
3:00-5:30 Saturday registration
5:30 Group photo
6:00 Buffet dinner

7:00 Greeting .... Marquita Otis
  Pledge of Allegience ... Dr. Jeffrey May
  Invocation ... R. Bingham Robinson
  Col. Reuben May: Civil War Years & Years in Wisconsin ... Dale Sternberg
  May Family Members in the Civil War ... Fred T. May
  A Story of Mary Bickley May ... Nancy May
  More family stories
  Special recognition
  Sharing time and viewing the displays

Sunday Sept. 12
Good-byes and departure after breakfast.

Notes on attendees by branch of the May family:

The eight family branches of descendants of John & Sarah Phillips May are:

  • John May, Jr. [1781-1849]

  • Samuel May [1783-1851
  • Thomas May [1787-1867]
  • Elizabeth (Betsey) May [1790-1884]
  • Daniel May [1791-aft. 1839]
  • Mary (Polly) May [abt. 1797-abt. 1868]
  • Reuben May [1800-1840]
  • Tlepolard (Phillip Pollard) May [1805-1839]

None of the family reunions in Kentucky, dating back over eighty years, have ever been attended by a descendant of John May, Jr. He moved his family to Illinois in 1830. One married daughter remained in Kentucky when he left.

At the 2002 reunion there were three descendants of Elizabeth in attendance. That was the first time anyone of that branch was known to have attended a reunion in Kentucky.

There are no known descendants of Daniel or Tlepolard. Our last records of Daniel are his marriage in 1824 and being listed as a brother of Tlepolard in 1839. Tlepolard is not known to have ever married and he died at the age of 34.

Attendees of the other four branches were:

Samuel May [1783-1851] and Catherine Evans:

- spouse or guest


Samuel Bruce May
- Joan Snowden May

Rultan, OH

William N. Simpkins
- Patricia Ann Simpkins

Elkhorn City, KY

Mattie B. Hollifield Sutphin
- Sid Sutphin

Lexington, KY

Thomas May [1787-1867] and Dorcas Patton:

- spouse or guest


Wanda Marrs Baker
- Cliff Baker

Havre de Grace, MD

William Graves Davidson

Houston, TX

Roberta Daws
- Joe Daws

Nashville, TN

Mary Jo Webb Dobson
- John Dobson


David Hatcher

Pikeville, KY

Samuel D. Hatcher
- Sue Hatcher

Pikeville, KY

David Richmond Hereford
- Peggy Parker Hereford

Lexington, KY

Mary Jo LaPointe

Lexington, KY

Eldon J. May
- Ruthie May

Belcher, KY

Fred T. May
- Darlene F. May

Austin, TX

Jack A. May
- Carolyn May

Mt. Sterling, KY

Jeffrey D. May

Huntington, WV

Marrs Allen May
- Patty May

Pikeville, KY

Nancy May

Lexington, KY

Nathan May

Huntington, WV

Thomas L. May

Lago Vista, TX

William James May, Jr.

Prestonsburg, KY

Mary Lynne Sharpe Pigman

Prestonsburg, KY

R. Bingham Robinson
- Martha F. Rogers Bingham

Lexington, KY

Sharon L. Sternberg
- Dale Sternberg

Marshfield, WI

Linda Tackett-Wright

Prestonsburg, KY

J. Oliver Webb
- Delores May Webb

Prestonsburg, KY

Mary (Polly) May [1791-aft 1839] and John Hamilton:

- spouse or guest


Eulas Hamilton

Ashland, KY

Reuben May [1800-1840] and Sarah (Sally) Allen:

- spouse or guest


Barbara Sue Sivis Fanning

Mt. Sterling, KY

Libby May Flanery

Maytown, KY

Cassandra Henry Gray

Lexington, KY

Bill Grayson
- Laverna Grayson

Sharpsburg, KY

Frank Hart
- Beulah Moore Hart

Sharpsburg, KY

Andrew Henry

Louisville, KY

Dorothy Lee May Henry
- Edward B. Henry

Bradenton, FL

Jack Henry

Louisville, KY

Kent Henry

Louisville, KY

Rachel Henry

Louisville, KY

Carolyn Sue Hopkins Jones

Louisville, KY

Elizabeth Allison May

Maytown, KY

Gerald Ray May
- Naomi Sizemore May

Liberty, TX

Anna May Miller
- Kenneth Van Leer Miller

Lexington, KY

Marquita Sivis Otis

Paris, KY

Tim Otis
- Diana Stivers

Paris, KY

- Bill Patton

Maytown, KY

Ethel May Ratliff

Prestonsburg, KY

Wayne W. Ratliff, Jr.

Prestonsburg, KY

Della Ray May Rawlings

Sharpsburg, KY

Helen May Sivis

Mt. Sterling, KY

James Wade Stewart

Prestonsburg, KY

Dorothy Rawlings Sutton

Mt. Sterling, KY

Jean May Watson

Martin, KY

Earl E. Webb


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