2000 May Family Reunion
Prestonsburg, Kentucky

August 25-26-27, 2000
The Invitation
Letter on 2000 and 2002 reunions
2000 photos
2002 Reunion report

Participants and Activities

Report by Marquita Otis

Fifty six relatives and friends of the John and Sarah Phillips May family came together at Jenny Wiley State Park in Prestonsburg, Kentucky
on August 25 thru 27, 2000. They were as follows:

Descendants of John and Sarah's son Thomas and his wife Dorcas Patton May were:
Nancy Pratt May, Robert Bingham and Martha Robinson of Lexington, KY.; William and Jean Strasser of Northfields, IL; Jack & Carolyn May and Bert May of Mt. Sterling, KY; William May, Larry J. May, Charles J. May and Virginia May of Cincinnati, OH; Emilee Clevinger Jones and Nella Clevinger Long of Pataskala, OH; Edna May Clevinger of Etna, OH; Carol May Petty of Amelia, OH; Carol May Lowe, Helen May Barnett and Joann May Chaffin of Columbus, OH; Eldon Jack and Ruthie May of Belcher, KY; Sam Hatcher of Pikeville, KY; Joe and Roberta Daws of Nashville, TN; and Jeffrey, Elizabeth, Emily and Nathaniel May of Huntington, WV.

Descendants of John and Sarah May's son Reuben and his wife Sally
Allen May were:
Helen May Sivis and Dorothy R. Sutton of Mt. Sterling, KY; Ronald May of West Carrollton, OH; Mary May of Middletown, OH; Sharon Sams of Worthington, OH; Mike Sams of Dublin, OH; Gerald Ray, Naomi &
Mamie May of Liberty, TX; Samantha May and Michael Ian Thomas of Pasadena, TX; Della Ray May Rawlings of Sharpsburg, KY; Anna Marie May Miller, of Lexington, KY; Jean May Watson, Marina Hale and Philip R. Nelson of Martin, KY; Wayne and Ethel May Ratliff of Prestonsburg, KY; Libby Ree May Flannery and Elizabeth May of Langley, KY; Dorothy and Ed Henry of Bradenton, FL; Marquita Sivis Otis, Paris, KY.

Also in attendance were Mr. Bill Patton of Langley, KY, who spoke to
the group on Saturday evening and Dr. Robert Perry who spoke to us during our visit to the Samuel May House. Those who arrived on Friday evening the 25th had dinner together and afterwards shared in family pictures and stories. On Saturday morning after breakfast, as a group, we visited the Samuel May House. Afterwards, several of the group visited family gravesites: some going with Nancy May to the Thomas May and other gravesites; others going with Jean Watson and Marquita Otis to the Reuben and Sally Allen May gravesite and other Reuben line graves.

Returning to the Lodge in the afternoon, we all had dinner together and later adjourned to a conference room. Mr. Bill Patton and Mr. Eldon "Jack" May spoke to the group about the settling of Maytown, which was named for Reuben May. The group shared with each other well into the evening and after breakfast on Sunday morning left to hopefully return again in 2002.

If the name of anyone who attended the reunion was omitted in the list of attendees, PLEASE forgive. I can update this page to make any necessary corrections.


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