May Family Reunion
Scheduled for the weekend of September 13-15, 2002

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January 31, 2002

Dear Cousins, Relatives and Friends,
Happy New Year, and can you believe it has been 2 years since 56
relatives and friends of John and Sarah Phillips May came together in August, 2000 for a Wonderful Weekend of Sharing and Fun!!!
Well, it is time to start planning for another Great Get-Together.

Reservations at Jenny Wiley State Park in Prestonsburg, KY have been set-aside for the weekend of September 13-15, 2002. I hope everyone will make a special effort to come together again this year. The events of September 11, 2001 made most everyone stop in their tracks and think Family! Family! Family!

We have such a wonderful May Family History to share. The fruits of a few person's labors allow the rest of us to enjoy over 250 years of our American heritage. I, as I am sure we all are, am so very grateful for that.

This summer I visited the little villages in Germany where our Meÿ/May ancestors lived. It was the most rewarding experience to know I was walking where once they walked, and that had they not lived all those years ago, none of us would be who or where we are today.

The agenda for our weekend has not been set yet, so please send any suggestions, requests, etc. to me between now and mid-May when I
will send out a 2nd reminder letter.
(1) Gerald Ray May, Texas, a member of the Reuben May line has expressed an interest in erecting a stone marker at the John and
Sarah Phillips May gravesite, just behind the present stones. The thought being that a new marker with complete inscriptions would hopefully still be legible 100 years from now for all future May family members to discover. I would appreciate everyone's thoughts about this.

(2) If any members of your family have unfortunately passed away since the first Reunion in 1997, please let me know.

Fred and Darlene May also re-visited the villages in Germany this summer and I know everyone, as I am, is anxious to hear Fred share his research with us again in September.

Please look at your calendars, make your plans, and join the group at Jenny Wiley State Park, Sepetmber 13 - 15, 2002. A block of rooms and cabins will be held for the May Reunion until August 14th. Please make your reservations as soon as possible at the May Lodge by calling 800-325-0142. Tell them you are with the May Reunion.

Please Let me know of your plans. My email address is: MJSOtis@cs.com

Looking forward to hearing from everyone,

Marquita Otis

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