May Family Reunion

May Lodge
Jenny Wiley State Park

Prestonsburg, Kentucky
Weekend of September 15-17, 2006

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John May family

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More displays

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In September 2006 we had our most successful reunion in a series of biennial gatherings that began in 1996. Descendants of John and Sarah Phillips May, their spouses and friends journeyed from their homes in 14 states to meet long-lost cousins and renew old friendships at May Lodge in Prestonsburg, KY.

There were 125 attendees, including 77 who were our guests for the first time!! The number of direct descendants of John and Sarah was 86: from three branches of the family descended from Samuel (4), Thomas (47) and Reuben (34). In addition, Don Osborn, a speaker during the first evening, told us of years of research that - with the recent use of Y-DNA testing - has proven he is descended from a May man in our family tree. Don has concluded that Reuben May, son of John and Sarah, is his great-great grandfather.

At the first evening meeting every family group in attendance introduced themselves as the program began. I gave a summary of research that is still underway regarding the migration of early branches of the May family to Western states. Essays on Moving West in the 1800s will be posted during the next few months.

Once again the displays from branches of the family were the main attraction and a few photos of them are available in the photo album above. Other photos in the album provide a pictorial review of the people and events enjoyed by the attendees.

This year a number of guests were able to visit the graves of our Kentucky pioneer ancestors, John and Sarah Phillips May, for the first time since the new stone was placed there in 2003. We have cousin Edsel Moore to thank for clearing the thicket of blackberry bushes that had prevented us from climbing the hill to the graves at the last reunion in 2004. Two four-wheel vehicles also were provided for those who couldn't otherwise have been able to get up the hill.

For the first time we had a guest entertainer on the program. During the second evening David Hurt, a great-great-great grandson of Thomas May, gave a lively performance as he portrayed radio and TV celebrity, "Grandpa Jones." Randall Osborne, a teacher and historian from Pike County, said that was a tough act to follow, but he acquitted himself quite well as he related a few stories of members of our May family who served in the Civil War in Eastern Kentucky.

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