Gravestone for
John May [1760-1813]
& Sarah Phillips May [1759-1848]
Placed in December 2003
Photo update: 2004 | 2006


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Thanks to many descendants of John & Sarah May for their generous support of this project.

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Photos of grave site before installing the new stone
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At the 2002 May Reunion in Prestonsburg, KY, we "passed the hat" and the attendees generously contributed $1,008 towards the purchase of a stone to be placed on the graves of our ancestors, John and Sarah Phillips May, on Shelby Creek in Pike [previously Floyd] County, Kentucky. Various suggestions on the type of stone to select and the inscriptions it should bear were openly discussed. Eldon May of Pike County volunteered to contact monument companies to get bids for an appropriate stone.

In May of this year Eldon got a bid of $1,495 for the work and we needed to raise the balance of $487 to purchase the stone and have it inscribed and placed at the grave site. The response to our request was immediate and we even received a few hundred dollars more than needed. In December Eldon reported that the stone was in place behind the original headstones.

As agreed at the 2002 May Reunion, the excess funds will be donated to
Friends of the Samuel May House, Inc.

It has been our pleasure to serve on this project,

Marquita Otis, Eldon May, Fred May
ad hoc committee
December, 2003

If you have any questions on this effort, please send an email.