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A list of work items for this web site

Your participation in any of these projects would be appreciated.
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 Work Item

 Plan & Status

May family genealogical charts, including the families of spouses of the May generations.

Extensive information on the May family line is being compiled. If you are interested in checking to see if you are related to this family line or want to submit information on your branch of the family, CLICK HERE.

Essays on the families of spouses of the May generations.

This series of essays will begin with the earliest generations of the family in Germany and continue with the pioneer American families of the spouses of the Mays men and women. Anyone interested in contributing to these essays, CLICK HERE.

See a list of essays to be written and planned.

Other Floyd county family genealogies.

I offer assistance to genealogists interested in families from the original area encompassed by Floyd County with their research and will consider posting information they would like to make public for others to use. If interested,

May family reunions

Addional May family reunions to be posted.

Family albums

Additional family albums will be collected for the May family generations, starting with the earlliest available drawings and photographs. If interested in participating, CLICK HERE.