Gravestone of

Thomas & Dorcas Patton May

Biographical Sketch

Buried on Robinson Cr. in Pike Co., KY.
Original stone partially legible.

New stones placed in 2007


Updated August 18, 2008

Route from Pikeville south on US 23 to Robinson Creek

Robinson creek intersection with US 23

The "A" symbol points to the approximate location of the Robinson Creek Post Office, ZIP 41560. The graves of Thomas & Dorcas Patton May are located across the road and a few hundred yards east of the Post Office. In 2006 there was a turn-off onto a dirt road where we could park and walk a very short distance to the graves.

When driving south from Pikeville, access from US 23 to Robinson Creek Rd. [Collins Highway, Rt 122 or Ky1373] as shown above is:

  • A sharp right turn onto Ky Rte. 2167 for 0.2 miles.

  • Left on KY Rte 122 for 0.8 miles.
  • Turn right where a large 2-story brick house is being constructed (2008).
  • Park at the bottom of the small hill near the house.
  • The cemetery is in the trees on the left near the house.
  • It is a short, easy walk up to the graves.

The cemetery coordinates are: N 37º23.461' W082º 33.417'

Shelby Valley High School is located on US 23 immediately south of the turn-off.


A few hundred yards up Sugar Camp Road from 122 is the location of a home once occupied by Thomas & Dorcas May's son and administrator of their estate, Thomas Patton May. A few months before the death of his father he purchased the

". . . Home farm upon which Thomas May, Sr. now resides . . . and
all adjoining lands not heretofore conveyed by him to others. . "

The money from this sale was to be divided equally among Thomas Patton's siblings.

After the death of their mother
"all household & kitchen furniture; beds & bedding; farming untensels
 & implements; wagen & blacksmith tools"
were to belong to Thomas Patton May. Below is a 2006 photo of this old home.

  • Deed recored in Pike County Deed Book G, pg. 210 - filed Mar. 23, 1867 -

    • Property located on Robinson & Shelby Creeks

Family traditions say that materials used in this home were moved from
the home of Thomas May, Sr. which was located a short distance down
Robinson Creek from the mouth of Sugar Camp Branch.

This map was drawn in 1913, about the time the railroad first penetrated into this
section of Pike County. The cemetery is located about the same place where
Robinson Cr. is noted on the map.

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