Snivley Chapel

Lower Johns Creek
Pike County, Kentucky

Methodist services were held in this area prior to 1832 and
 land for this chapel was donated by Martin and Sarah Lesley in 1853.

Thomas Patton May, son of Thomas May, Sr.,
was the minister at this church for many years.

Thomas P. May [1816-1910]

Church Bible   |   Hymn Book

2006 photo of Snivley Chapel

Church Bible on the lectern at the front of the church

An artist's painting of the church hangs on the wall

Interior of Snivley Chapel, which still has a coal-buring stove in the center aisle.

Leather hand-stitched Hymn Book of Thomas Patton May

Leather hand-stitched Hymn book of Thomas Patton May,

Thomas May was a Methodist minister at Snivley Chapel,
located near his farm on Lower Johns Creek.
This book is only about six inches tall.
Courtesy of a gr-gr-grandson, Henry Forsyth

Names written on the inside of the cover:
1859 James H Lesley [Leslie]      
brother-in-law of Thomas

Thos. P. May 1842