Michael May

son of Johann Leonhardt Meÿ/May

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Through the wonders of modern science a connection has been made
to a branch that has long been lost from our May family tree.

Fred T. May

In my previous research of our May family all that I knew of Michael, the youngest child of Johann Leonhardt May, was his birth about 1766. His place of birth was listed as Loudon. Some researchers speculated that this was Loudoun Co., VA, where the family is known to have lived about 1768. Others suggest that it was Fort Loudon, PA, an outpost west of Lancaster Co., PA that Leonard, a waggoner, supplied with goods. Our best records suggest that Leonard's family was living in Lancaster County about this time.

Our knowledge of Michael lingered there until January, 2005, when Daniel E. May learned that he is a gr-gr-gr-grandson of Michael. By the use of DNA he was able to prove that he is a descendant of the May family line that links to immigrant brothers, Johann Leonhardt and Frantz Peter Meÿ/May. Frantz Peter was the father of John May [1760-1813], the patriarch of the May families of Eastern Kentucky who are featured in this website. Daniel was assisted in the search of his May ancestors by Gene Boswell. She is a very active genealogist of many May family lines that migrated to the South. Once they were assured by the DNA test the he was descended from our May family line, they focused on U.S. census records if Pennsylvania and were able to prove that he is descended from Michael May.

Daniel has shared the results of his work and the descendants of Michael May are now available for our family records.

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Y-Chromosome DNA Studies website for May genealogists:

This is a summary of the DNA tests for Daniel E. May, giving a very high match of 24 out of 25 markers against a known direct male descendant of John May [1760-1813].

#61. Facts about this branch of the family:

The MAY family decended from John & Jane MAY of Upper Turkey Foot Twp, Somerset County, Pennsylvania. John MAY, the researcher's Great-Great Grand Father, was born in about 1801, they produced eight Children. Michael MAY, the researcher's Great Grand Father, was their first born, He was born January 1828, in Upper Turkey Foot Twp, Somerset County, Pa. He married Anna ___?___. They produced four Children. Samuel Freeman MAY, the researcher's Grand Father, was their first born. He was born 29 August 1859. He married Louisa Gillenberger, a German Immigrant, whose Family came to America in 1883. They produced nine Children. The researcher's Father, Harry Warren MAY, was the seventh Child, born 09 April 1906 in Lower Turkey Foot Twp, Somerset County, Pa.

Results of DNA study:
This family [#61] is a 24/25 match with family #31 and testee 2 of family #25.

Testee 2 of family #25 is a known descendant of John May's son, Reuben [1800-1840].

We are still trying to prove the relationship of family #31 to our family line.

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