Family Bible of

Samuel Hornberger
Sarah Ann May


Sarah, a great-great-granddaughter of
Johann Leonhardt Meÿ/May,
was in the 10th known May generation.

See Sarah listed in the family tree of her grandfather
Johann Leonard May [1783-1856]

Saving the Bible

We are very fortunate that a genealogist — who isn't related to our families — saw the personal importance of this old family Bible to someone unknown to her. She contacted me through this website and wrote:

    "I am in possession of a Family Bible that belonged to Samuel Hornberger and Sarah May (m. 1870) which has some family events listed. The Bible itself is not in very good condition. I am looking for someone who would like to have the Bible or even just the pages in which family events have been recorded. Being a genealogist myself I am reluctant to dispose of it without at least trying to find a family member. "

    Later she added:

    "I have had it for a while – it was on its way to the trash at the library where I worked so I rescued it but then did not know what to do with it. So I’ve had it put away . . . "

The Bible was on its way to the trash heap at the Champaign [IL] Public Library where she worked for several years as a librarian. I hope that it will someday find a permanent home with a descendant of Sarah Ann May.

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Photos of the Bible

Bible cover | A few selected pages |Family records

1880 Bible of Samuel Hornberger & Sarah A. May

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