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Mary May [1830-1911]
Posted: Sep 2005
Updated Nov 2007
with Harman family gravestone


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1 Mary May b: 13 Mar 1830 Robinson Creek, Pike Co., KY d: 28 Jan 1917 Auburn, NE, where she is buried Age at death: 80 est.
.. +Elias George W. Harman b: 28 Aug 1820 Tazewell Co., VA m: Abt. 1847 Pike Co., KY d: 6 Jun 1903 Auburn, NE, where he is buried Age at death: 82

Mary May 1830-1917

Elias George W. Harman 1820-1903

Harman family gravestone in the Sheridan Cemetery
in Auburn, Nebraska
Courtesy of their great-grandson, Thomas Willam Hanks, in 2007

The family moved to this area from Tazewell, VA in 1873.
The names of two daughters who died as children in Virginia are also inscribed on the stone.

Sheridan Cemetery is on the west side of Auburn, NE
which is located on US 75, about 70 miles south of Omaha.

Two Harman/May gravestones in Sheridan Cemetery

. 2 Sallie Harman b: Dec 1848 Tazewell, Va. d: 1917 Boise, Idaho Age at death: 69 est.
...... +James McCulla m: Tazewell, Va.
. 2 Louisa N. Harman b: 27 Oct 1852 Tazewell, VA d: 2 Apr 1853 Tazewell, VA Age at death: 0
. 2 Lillian Harman b: Oct 1853 Tazewell, Va. d: 1937 Los Angeles, Ca. Age at death: 84 est.
. 2 William Bascom Harman b: 1 May 1858 Tazewell, Va. d: 1934 Portland, Ore. Age at death: 76 est.
...... +Eva Horn m: Auburn, Neb.

William Bascom Harman
Courtesy of Martha Sue Neal Snyder

. 2 Mary D. Harman b: 3 Dec 1859 Tazewell, VA d: 20 Nov 1862 Tazewell, VA Age at death: 2
. 2 Thomas E. Harman b: 25 Nov 1861 Tazewell, Va. d: 16 Mar 1953 Omaha, Neb., where he is buried. Age at death: 91
...... +Jessie Ireland m: Omaha, Neb.
. 2 Florence Harman b: 1865 Tazewell, Va. d: Oklahoma
...... +Alex Maxwell m: Auburn, Neb.
. 2 Jennie Harman b: 1867 Tazewell, Va.
...... +Edward Hanks
. 2 Edgar Harman b: 30 Oct 1869 Tazewell, Va. d: 19 Jan 1894 Lincoln, Neb. Age at death: 24

At the time of his death, Edgar was manager of the Lincoln, NE Buerau of the
World Herald newspaper. He was never married.

Courtesy of Thomas Willam Hanks in 2007
The stone rests beside the family stone of his parents.

. 2 Mary Harman b: Abt. 1872 Tazewell, VA d: 25 Sep 1959 Boise, ID Age at death: 87 est.
...... +Benjamin Franklin Neal m: 1897 Auburn, NE d: 12 Dec 1929 Boise, ID Age at death: ?

Mary Harman
Courtesy of her granddaughter, Sue Martha Neal Snyder.