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Courtesy of Vaughn Cassell

Published 1889

Belle May Graybeal, daughter of C. L. Graybeal and Louisa Belle May Graybeal,
died August 11th at six o'clock in the morning. Ages one year, one month 19 days, 1890.

Louisa Belle Graybeal, daughter of Henry May and Rhoda May
died the 26 of June 1889 at 12 o'clock at night.
[She was 20 years old and died four days after the birth of her only child]

Rhoda May the wife of Henry May died Tuesday the 7th of September, 1897

Louisa died ??? o'clock at night.

I loved mother   C. F. May.

Graybeal and May
C. L. Graybeal and Lousia Belle May was joined in Holy Matrimony
the 5th of April in the evening about 5 o'clock 1888.

Henry May and Rhoda Harman was married Oct 20, 1847

Eva Belle May married Nov 14, 1910 William Harman

Kate Clare May married Nov the 20 of 1912 to Tilor John Keesee.

Henry May died the 18 of Dec 1903 on Friday evening
about 15 mits after 3 o'clock or before.