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Photos of the children of John May

A number of John's descendants have been active in researching our May genealogy.

See an October 2006 article on the cemetery at Coeburn, VA

John May b: 3 Jun 1821 Shelby Creek, Floyd (now Pike) Co., KY d: 23 Jul 1908 Coeburn, VA, where he is buried. Age at death: 87

.. +Martha Jane Osborn b: 31 Dec 1826 Castlewood, Virginia m: 1843 Russell Co., VA d: 29 Apr 1891 Coeburn, VA, where she is buried. Age at death: 64




John May 1821-1908

Grave stone of John May

See an October 2006 article on the cemetery at Coeburn, VA

The birthdate on his grave stone, July 22, 1822, (Less than five months from the birth date for his sister Salley) is thought to be in error. Family records give the date as June 3, 1821.

One example is: Hurt Family Bible

John filed a Confederate Pension Application with the Commonwealth of Virginia on August 18, 1904. He states that he served in the 7th Confederate Battalion Cavalry under Clarence J. Prentice. He says that he was 78 years old and born in Pike County, KY when he filed his pension application and that he had lived in Wise County (Coeburn, VA) for the past 13 years. John says that he enlisted on October 6, 1861 under Colonel Jack May and "came out in 1865."

John was elected 2nd Lt. in the 7th Battalion Confederate Cavalry on July 21, 1864 and later promoted to Captain of Company C. He also served in the Virginia State Line. Daniel Ramey, J. E. Buchanan, C. F. Trent and N. R. Fuller attested to his service. He previously served in the Virginia State Line.

From: Commonwealth of Virginia, Confederate Pension Application of John May; The May Manuscript; Heritage of Wise County and the City of Norton, Volume I, John May submitted by Wanda May Rose. a great granddaughter of John May. Roster of the 7th Battalion CSA Cavalry by Jeffrey C. Weaver.

A few years after the War, John was elected to the Kentucky State Legislature and served one term. His brother David, who died in C.S.A. service, was in the legislature when the War began. About 1890 (or possibly a few years later) he moved to Coeburn, Va. and lived on a 40 acre farm he purchased there. Later the farm was sold as town lots and given the name of Maytown.

NOTE: When John first enlisted he resided in Pike County. KY. Jack May, a first cousin of John from Prestonsburg, formed a company in October 1861 which became the 5th Kentucky Infantry, C.S.A. Jack was elected Captain and by April 1862 was promoted to Colonel. In February 1863 Jack formed the 10th Kentucky Cavalry, C.S.A. John apparently transferred from one of Jack May's companies to the 7th (Virginia) Confederate Battalion before July 1864.

Photos of the children of John May