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Reuben May [1815-1902]

Gravestone restored in 2005
views: front | right | left

Thomas H. May stone

Reuben Thomas and a cousin are named on a Viroqua Civil War monument

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Graves of the family of Reuben May in Springville, Wisconsin

Small stones mark the graves beside the large family stone

L --> R:
Left side: Georgia Emma May, Belle May, Louisa Honaker,
Molly Welch, Phoebe Aiken May
Right side: Richard A. May, Reuben May, Emma Honaker May,
Emma V. May (infant daughter of Thomas H. May), Thomas H. May.

- 1896 plat showing the location of the Springville Cemetery -

The following members of Reuben May's family are buried in this cemetery:

Reuben May 1902


Emmeriah V. May 1881

Phoebe Ann May 1883

mother of Emma:

Louisa Honaker 1877


Georgia E. May 1865

Belle May 1875

Richard A. May 1883

Thomas H. May 1920


Emma V. May 1869

Mollie Welch 1881

wife of Thomas H. May:

Julia May 1915

A great-great granddaughter of Col. Reuben May
standing beside the restored family gravestone

see earier photo of the stone

front view of the stone

Reuben's first wife, Emmeriah (Emma), preceded him in death.
Phoebe Ann Aiken was his second wife.

Right side of the stone

Louise Honaker was the mother of Reuben's wife, Emma.
Mollie Welch, had lived in her grandparents home a number of years.

Left side of the stone
Three of Reuben & Emma's children
- Belle, Georgia & Richard -