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The family and descendants of
John May, Jr. [1781-1849]

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Thomas Waldo May
2nd of 11 children of John & Elizabeth
b: 12 Dec 1812 North Carolina or Kentucky
d: 6 Mar 1880 Oregon City, OR
buried in Carus Cemetery
 Beaver Cr, Clackamas Co, OR

...+ Nancy Caroline McNeeley
Mar: 20 Sep 1832 Shelby Co., near Tower Hill, IL
b: 24 Mar 1813 m: 20 Sep 1832
    Shelby Co., near Tower Hill, IL
d: 13 Dec 1859
buried in Carus Cemetery.

See brief family story
a photo of their daughter, Sophia Jane May.

Carus Cemetery: May family graves
Beaver Creek, Clackamas Co, OR
May, T. W., b. 12 Dec 1812, d. 06 Mar 1880
May, Nancy C, b. 1813?, d. 1859
May, Alice, b. 1875, d. 12 Nov 1887
May, Barney, No Dates
May, Jeptha, b. 26 Apr 1820, d. 26 Apr 1890
May, Julia A, b. Can't read dates, stone buried.
May, Lillie Belle, b. 18 Mar 1879, d. 30 Oct 1949
May, Olive, No Dates
May, Sarah, d. 12 Nov 1874
May, Stephen Louise, d. 16 Jun 1962; 18 yrs 8 mos,

*** Father of Amy Ann Sharrock May
Sharrock, Everhard, b. 1790, d. 1866

Recent photos from the cemetery were provided in 2009 by Judy Fernandez, a descendant of Thomas May Little who was a first cousin of Thomas W. May & Jeptha May. She added the following note:

Did get a date for Olive. Her tombstone says dau of G.W. and Julia Grace, b. June 18 1889, d. July 12 1890. Three of the graves were wooden, one torn in half, the one in the middle says Alice, I think, and the other one not legible. There is another wooden unreadable one in front of a bush in the same area, so probably a May also. A couple of rows closer to the road, but on the same side, was a Bertha May Shephard 1885-1964 Mother and William Ross Shephard 1882-195_ Father. Could she also be a May, or is it a middle name?
Did not find E. Sharrock's wife, but there was plenty of space next to his for there to have been a burial. All of the May stones were marked with plastic flowers, so there must be some relatives in the area.

Markers of William Sylvester May, his wife Lille Belle and E. Sharrock are flat on the ground

Gravestones of Nancy Caroline McNeeley & Thomas Waldo May

Jeptha May
6th of 11 children of John & Elizabeth
b: 26 Apr 1820 Floyd County, KY
d: 26 Apr 1890 Oregon City, OR
buried in Carus Cemetery
Beaver Cr, Clackamas Co, OR

....+ Amy Ann Sharrock,
Mar: 1846 Tower Hill, IL
b: 17 May 1828 Richland Co., OH
m: 1846 Tower Hill, IL
d: 5 Nov 1912 Oregon City, OR
buried in Carus Cemetery

See above for family burials in Carus Cemetery.
Amy is not listed, but her father is.

Father of Amy Ann Sharrock

Family photos 7th child
William Sylvester May


Gravestones of the family of Jeptha May in the foreground

                            Childern of Jeptha                                                     Dau of Julia
                  Thomas J. May                        Julia A. May Grace                     Olive E. Grace           

 Lafayette May
9th of 11 children of John & Elizabeth
b: 28 May 1825 d: 14 July 1876

----- + Nancy Caroline Abbott
Mar: 26 Nov 1861 Clackamas County, OR
b. 1 Sep 1844 d. 12 Feb 1875
-- 2nd Wife
----- +Susan Ball

Lafayette and his brother Thomas were partners in the sawmill business in Canby, OR. In 1849 Lafayette went from Shelby Co, Illinois to the California gold rush with his brother-in-law, John Sharrock and then moved to Oregon.
Old Canby Cemetery - now known as Baker Prairie Cemetery - in Clackamas Co., Oregon

Grave of Lafayette May
& his wife Nancy

Nancy's mother