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Posted: July 2005

Descendants of Hans Peter Meÿ

The adventures of

Daniel Boone May [1852-Aft. 1878]
son of
Samuel May [1816-Aft. 1860]
Generation:  Nine
Grandson of Samuel [1783-1851]
Gr-Grandson of John May [1760-1813]

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The second posting is from a book written in 1910 by Edgar Beecher Bronson

About the Author

Edgar Beecher Bronson
ca. 1917

Edgar Beecher Bronson (1856-1917) was a Nebraska rancher, a West Texas cattleman, an African big-game hunter, a serious photographer and starting late in life, an author of fiction and personal memoirs.

Bronson was a nephew of famed abolitionist Henry Ward Beecher. Formerly a reporter for the New York Tribune, Bronson headed west in 1877 to learn the cattle business under the directive of Clarence King - first director of the United States Geological Survey and owner of large mining and cattle operations in the American West. Bronson worked for one season in Wyoming before starting his own ranch with 716 cows with calves. Bronson chose Sioux County, Nebraska for the site of his first ranch.


  • Reminiscences of a Ranchman (1908)

  • The Red-Blooded Heroes of the Frontier (1910)
  • In Closed Territory (1910) - about Africa, with over 100 photos
  • The Vanguard (1914)
  • The Love of Loot and Women (1917) - published posthumously

Boone May, Gunfighter of the Black Hills
Wyoming Division of Cultural Resources
Another account of Daniel Boone May

See web site telling more about the exploits of Daniel Boone May and
his first cousin, Galen Hill, on the
Cheyenne-Deadwood Gold Coach

Accounts of the Deadwood stage and related photos credited to Wyoming Tales and Trails

Composite photo with Boone's cousin, Galen Elliott Hill