May Family Photos
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The family and descendants of

Reuben May [1800-1840]

Ten children of Reuben & Sarah Allen May

George Allen | William Harvey | Daniel Wesley | John | Andrew Jackson
Cynthia | Polly | Samuel | Sarah | Reuben Ann

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1. George Allen May b: 29 Aug 1828 Present-day Maytown in Floyd Co., Ky. d: 21 Aug 1912 on his farm near Maytown, where he is buried

...... +Mahala Hagans b: 20 Oct 1833 m: 11 Jun 1851 Floyd Co., KY d: 3 Feb 1890 Maytown, KY, on Beaver Creek in Floyd Co.

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George was one of the leading citizens of his community and of Floyd County. He owned and managed a farm, was a Methodist minister and served as an elected Judge of the county. He and his wife are buried in a cemetery named after him at Maytown.

2. William Harvey May b: 5 Aug 1830 Floyd Co., KY d: 10 Dec 1890 Prestonsburg, KY, buried there in the May Cemetery. He never married.

He attended school in Prestonsburg, Ky. When he was a young man, William Harvey was deputy Surveyor of Floyd Co., working for his first cousin, William James May. He lived for a number of years in his cousin's large brick home as he completed his schooling, saved his earnings as a surveyor, and began to engage in businesses in the county. He became very close with the large May family in Prestonsburg during the remaining years of his life in the community.

He had an office in Prestonsburg on the northeast corner of Second (Arnold) Ave. and Court Street. He once owned the lot on Second Ave. where the Prestonsburg High School was later built (in 1927). In 1872 he superintended the construction of the "Frame School House" on this lot and in 1888 he deeded the property to the school district to always be used for school or church purposes.

William Harvey May
A member of the Masons, he was the eighth man to be elected Master of Zebulon Lodge in Prestonsburg.

 3. Daniel Wesley May b: 20 Aug 1831 d: 24 Jun 1900

...... +Susanna Milam b: Dec 1841 Right Beaver Creek, near present-day Wayland, KY m: 2 Sep 1857 Floyd Co., KY d: 18 May 1914

He lived in Floyd County until February 1874, when he moved his family to Montgomery Co., near Jeffersonville, Ky. He and his wife lived there the remaining years of their lives and were buried in the May Cemetery on their farm. In addition to being a farmer, Wesley was also a carpenter and a miller.

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4.  John May b: 15 Dec 1832 Maytown, KY d: 3 Mar 1926 Alphoretta, KY, at the home of his son, B.L.C. May

...... +Dorcas Conley b: 22 Sep 1830 Salt Lick Cr., Floyd Co., KY m: 21 Jan 1851 Hueysville, Floyd Co., KY d: 18 Jul 1915 Maytown, Floyd Co., KY


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John May at family reunion ~1911

 5. Andrew Jackson May b: 25 Dec 1834 Floyd Co., KY d: 12 May 1906 Floyd Co., KY

...... +Nancy Higgins b: 6 Jun 1841 Floyd Co., KY m: 3 Mar 1859 Floyd Co., Ky. d: 22 Apr 1928 Floyd Co., KY


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 6. Cynthia May b: 7 Jun 1835 Floyd Co., KY d: 9 Dec 1869 Maytown, KY, buried in the Patton Cemetery there

...... +James Patton Stephens b: 25 Jan 1825 m: 23 Dec 1852 Floyd Co., Ky. d: 29 Feb 1904 (three miles southeast of) Enid, OK, buried there in the Bethany Cemetery.

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See photo of her youngest son,
James Armstrong (Stephens) May,
who was reared by her parents and
was known by the May family name.

 7. Polly May b: 10 Sep 1836 d: Bef. 1840

 She died before reaching the age of four.


 8. Samuel May b: 28 Jan 1838 Beaver Creek in Floyd County, near Maytown. d: 19 Apr 1890 Cliff, Floyd County, KY, where he is buried

...... +Mary Jane Begley b: Feb 1843 Leslie Co., KY
m: 14 Feb 1861 Floyd Co., KY d: 9 Jul 1892 Cliff, KY, where she is buried

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He was a farmer, a Methodist Minister and a school teacher. His home at Cliff, Ky. across the Big Sandy River and north of Prestonsburg, was still standing in the 1950s. Both he and his wife are buried near their home. A Samuel May, who served in Col. A. J. May’s 5th Regiment, quite likely was this son of Reuben. He was born in 1838, making him 23 at the beginning of the war.

 9. Sarah May b: 1839 Maytown, Floyd Co., KY
d: 9 Apr 1870 Perry Co., KY

...... +Felix T. Begley b: 6 Mar 1834 Cutshin Cr., Perry Co., KY m: Abt. 1862 Perry Co., KY d: 28 Jun 1912 Bull Cr., Leslie Co., KY


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10. Reuben Ann May b: 12 Nov 1840 Maytown, Floyd Co., KY d: Abt. 1878 Floyd Co., KY

...... +Hiram K. Begley, Jr. b: 26 Jun 1839 Dryhill, KY m: 29 Jan 1869 Dryhill, Floyd Co., KY d: 24 Aug 1904

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