May Family Photos
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The family and descendants of
John May, Jr. [1781-1849]

Homer Eiler
Great grandson of John May, Jr.
Early Genealogist of the May Family

A brief essay on Eiler and other family genealogists can be viewed by clicking HERE.

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Homer Eiler [Director, Kansas Historical Society] was probably the first genealogist of the May family to do extensive research and publish his work. Eiler's research aided another genealogist, Mrs. Howard Woodruff, in her research which was made available to interested persons in 1967.

Correspondence has been found showing that Eiler communicated with other genealogists living in Kentucky in the early decades of the 20th Century. For example, he exchanged letters with Tress May Francis and she and her husband were guests in his home in Topeka, Kansas. Also he exchanged letters and photos with Thomas May [1853-1933], son of David May. Here are two photos recently found in Thomas' records.

Eiler shared a photo of the grave stone of John May, Jr. with other genealogists and said the inscription on it [66 years - 6 months - 24 days at time of death] computes to a date of birth of April 28, 1783. However, he noted that other records indicate John could have been born as early as 1780.

Homer Eiler


Note by Homer on the back of the photo

Direct Descendants of John May, Jr.
to Homer Eiler

1 John May, Jr. b: 28 Apr 1781 Berkeley Co., VA d: 22 Nov 1849 Shelby Co., IL [his grave stone in Middleworth Cemetery indicates a birth year of 1783] Age at death: 68
.. +Elizabeth Hanson b: Abt. 1793 Western NC m: 1809 d: Abt. 1831 Shelbyville, IL, buried on the high bank of the Okaw River, Shelbyville, IL Age at death: 38 est.
. 2 Catherine May b: 10 Feb 1823 Floyd County, Ky. d: 30 Aug 1908 Tower Hill, Ill. Age at death: 85
...... +John Sharrock m: 30 Mar 1843 Shelby Co, Illinois d: 8 Dec 1896 Age at death: ?
..... 3 Julia Ann Sharrock b: 4 Nov 1849 d: 18 Jun 1889 Age at death: 39
......... +Lewis Eiler m: 10 Feb 1867
........ 4 Homer Conrad Eiler b: 5 Oct 1868 Tower Hill, IL