Isaac Little Estate
by Fred T. May

From Pike County Court Book A - early 1824
Posted March 2009

1820 census | Estate inventory & sale

Isaac was the father-in-law of Elizabeth May

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The estate of Isaac Little at the time of his death is recorded in Pike County Court Book A and is transcribed in a recent book:

    County Court Records, 1822-1832, Pike County, Kentucky
    by James Alan Williams in 2007

Isaac apparently died about the end of 1823. In the January 4, 1824 session of Pike County Court James Roberts was appointed administrator of his estate, which was proved to be worth $250. The Court appointed Thomas May, Thomas Johnson, Sr. and John Mullins to appraise the estate.

The estate was appraised on January 13, 1824 to be worth $181.412/3. The administrator left the widow with:

     ".. one cow and calf, one mare and plow, one ax and hoe, one feather bed and furniture, one pair of gears, the cooking untentials, one pot, two skillets, one pare of pot hooks and her clothes, one pair of cards..."

The buyers of the balance of the estate on January 29th were David Branham, James Roberts, James Mullins, Maridah Collens, James Damron, James Branham, James Collens, Archibald Collens and James Morgan. The items they purchased totaled $41.301/2. The widow paid $0.26 for "... 6 plates, one bason and one bell, one dish..."

This estate appraisal made no mention of the land owned by Isaac. In Floyd County Deed Book A, an indenture for 50 acres on Shelby Creek was issued from David Branham to Isaac for $50 on March 19, 1818. Some earlier references to land adjoining his property indicate that he also owned other land on the creek. A closer study of Floyd and Pike County deed books could add to these known facts. Remember that the Floyd County Court House burned in 1808 and most deeds prior to then were not re-filed.

At the time of Isaac's death, his son James had been married to Elizabeth May for over ten years. Three children - Mary, Thomas and Reuben - were living in their home in Shelby Valley.

The 1820 Floyd County census, taken two years before the formation of Pike County, shows the May and Little families living near each other in Shelby Valley. Highlighted in the following copy of a page of the census are Isaac Little, his sons, William and James W. Little, and Thomas May, brother of Elizabeth Little May.

Also in this census page was James Mullins, husband of Isaac's daughter Agnes, and David Branham, husband of Isaac's daughter Elizabeth. His daughter Sarah was married to Marshal Mullins, who lived in a different part of the county. This accounts for the five known children of Isaac in my records.

The 1810 Floyd County census lists the households of Isaac and his son William.

1820 census | Estate inventory & sale

(1820 U.S. Census)
Series: M33 Roll: 22 Page: 45

Isaac Little
Estate Inventory

Summary of Inventory and record of Sale

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