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Thomas May Little
** Ninth May Generation **
Son of James W. Little and Elizabeth May


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Second family of Thomas May Little
Taken about 1900
Back row: Virginia, Missouri, Ellen, Lavenie, Dovina
Front row: John Wesley, Eli, [2nd wife] Sallie Edwards, Lovert, Loverga

Gravestone of Sarah Edwards Little
Morris Cemetery, Jefferson Co, AL

Dorothy Harris Crowder has been providing information on descendants of this
branch of the family in 2009.

     According to an account by Juanelle Sewell in We, The Litle People:
In 1986, 130 descendants - mostly strangers to each other - met at the Remlap Methodist (Hanover) Church their ancestors helped found, and donated money for markers for the burial location of James Little and Elizabeth (Betsey) May Little, buried next to their son Thomas May Little and his first wife. It has long been the tradition in the Little family in Alabama that Thomas and a brother, Reuben Lafayette, were born in Lexington, KY. This is unlikely since both of his parents were from Pike County in Eastern Kentucky and owned property there. In 1821 - the year when Reuben was born - the 1820 census was taken and James and Betsey were recorded as living in Pike County.

When Thomas' first wife, Elizabeth, died in childbirth in March 1857, Thomas had seven children under eleven years of age. By the end of the year he married Sallie Edwards, who reared the young family while giving birth to ten more Little children, including two sets of twins. They lived in Morris, Jefferson Co., Ala. Thomas was a slave overseer prior to the Civil War and afterward was a farmer. He was a member of Farrah Masonic Lodge #8. His "daybook," a small journal, has been preserved. One of the last entries in June 1874 says,

      "Hit is my wizh to be beried by my wife in Blount. You can git the coffin made at Morriz. Please have a box to put the coffin in as hit will be to hawl. As the wether is hot have this done as soon as pozable."

The last entry in a different hand say, "T. M. Little dide August 27, 1874." His grandchildren remembered the family story that Tom's daughter - Ellen, who was sixteen years of age at the time - rode all day on horseback behind the wagon carrying his coffin to Remlap, where he was buried next to his first wife, Elizabeth, and his parents.

   Little Family Album

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