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Take a look at a map of the region where the Meÿ family lived in Germany

 John May (1760-1813)

This is the first of a series of essays on families of Eastern Kentucky. It contains a history of the ancestors of John May and extends to his children and grandchildren.

 Leonard May [1719-1777]

Leonard was the oldest of the three May brothers who immigrated to America in 1748. Essays on his branch of the family will be available from here.

 Spouses of the Mays

This will become a series of essays on the families of the spouses of the May men and women. This work was begun in September 2000, starting with the earliest generations of the family.

 Biographical Sketches

A number of essays on the Eighth May generation - the children of John May & Sarah Phillips.

 May Reunions

Records of a number of May familly reunions from 1929 to 1941 are being posted.

Anyone interested in submitting essays on their genealogical research of families in Eastern Kentucky can contact me for assistance in having them placed on this site.

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